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Teen-Book-Review: Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake



Now I’m a very cynical,realistic person. If someone told me that ghosts really do exist, I would knock them out and carry on watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But this book, makes me want ghosts to exist. It makes me want to be in this kick-ass world with this complicated guy named Cas and all the adventures he goes on. Since I know that will probably never happen, I’ll carry on watching Kim screaming at her mother everyday

Anyway, Anna dressed in blood is more than a typical ghost story. Its a mix of taboo subjects, unspeakable themes and twists that you never see coming.

Something that surprised me in the book, was the romance and humour aspect of the book. I mean I probably should have read some type of review or even the blurb, but i delved straight in and loved every second of it.

The characters are hilariously complex, the action is riveting and the story is unheard of, I can’t wait till the sequel.

Tell me what you think of “Anna Dressed In Blood” in the comments below.


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