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How To Deal With Teenagers

Most of the time teenagers seem like bratty kids,who have nothing better to do in the day than whine and complain about everything and everyone around them. Well we definitely are that, but we are also so much more…..

You see, teenagers need to be approached with CAUTION . Their hormones are all over the place and most of the time they don’t know whether they wanna have sex with someone or beat then to death with a sledge hammer.

It’s all about the psychology, you just gotta get into the mindset of a teenager. Do all of the simple things : don’t comment about their appearance, don’t talk to them in front of their friends and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES go in their room.

And if all that fails, just remember, at least their not pre-teens any more.



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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ TEENAGE VIEW 




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