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Teen-Book-Review : 50 Shades of Grey by E-L James



Don’t even ask me how I got my hands on this book ( lets just say lying about your age goes a long way) but let me just tell you how much I regret that I did. Now I’m a pretty open minded and I have been exposed to more ‘adult’ things in my time, but this book is going to scar me for life.

Why don’t we start at the beginning. Ana is just a normal college girl, with a job, friends blah-blah-blah. Then a metal challenged guy named Christian Grey comes into the picture. Christian Grey is a nut-job with mental institutional worthy ‘desires’ that he wants Ana to satisfy. I don’t care how rich he is or that he is a multi-billionaire I’m never going to let you tie me to anything. No disrespect to the writer but what do you have go through in life so that pain turns you on.

But it’s not just the concept of the book that makes me wanna gag, (no pun intended) no it’s the way it’s written as well. Now I’m no literacy major or expert but if Ana blushes, bites her lip or even notices how grey his eyes are again, I’m gonna shoot myself in the foot.

With a one-dimensional characters, cringe worthy writing and the most dumbest plot I’ve ever seen this book is a EPIC FAIL.

And to top it all off it’s most of it draws inspiration from TWILIGHT.

Tell me what you think of this train-wreck in the comments below.


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